This is about the youth, let’s just take a look at them at their innocence and power at the same time because they are the most edifying thing there is.


I like to put side by side my portraits and nudes because they both show from different ways the true-self of people. For the ones that are not already friends of mine in that serie, I get to know them so good that they can’t lie through these photographs. These are real kids, not icon models, so the result is pure in a way that I couldn’t have get that result without being that close with them. Some pics are snapshots from my everyday life, some are improvised photoshoot. There’s no team behind me of course, simply people in front of my lens. I wanted to show the beauty and pureness of yougness. There is no makeup artist, no studio, no stylist, no art director. It’s my entourage, friends, sweetheart or becoming friend during the shoot.  It's youthfulness in action. The main goal of this project was to capture the invariable nature of youth which I think is; inspiring, pure, open-minded, passionate and creative. This set of photographs is clearly not a following story it’s simply a look on the beauty of youth. It is about the emotion while we look at them. A lot of these photographs were taking with a point and shoot, what I love about these cameras is that it’s a pure projection of what is happening in front of you, it is always in your pocket. You just click and capture the moment. I don’t like make up because it might hide something beautiful under it, I like to let go of the clothes for the same reason. No matter how you look, the more you show the more I can love.  


Life right now is really different than it was for kids in the 70s for example, our generation seems to always push it to achieve something, but what it is exactly? It’s a complete other world, a brand new Walkman, a scooter and three friends used to mean the world for kids back then, now we care more about virtual stuff. Internet is a tricky world that often wins at pretty much everything.


At a young age we often try to figure out who we are, what we really like, but at the same time there is all these trends that we're trying to follow. Let's be yourself, let's be real. Life is short and the youth even shorter so let's not waste it trying to please people we don’t give a damn about.

I’m the kid talking to the kids, I’m 21 and I still am a starting artist, all I want is get everyone to be authentic, original and to do whatever they like. Don’t even look around too much if it’s not to simply appreciate how good looking things and people can be. These photographs don’t necessarily explore the lifestyle at that young age, it’s a lot about the contemplation of their beauty, their unique look full of innocence and puissance.   

The shots can be relevant or not, they still showing a free living youngster. The youth are beautiful and the generation Z in not exception to that.